If Customer has purchased Premier Success, then in addition to Premier Support, Customer will be entitled to the following additional Services: Customer Success Engineering, Screen Share Support, and access to the Looker Success Team. These additional Services will be provided during Looker’s standard Business Hours and Business Days. Descriptions for the additional Services are set forth below:

Looker Success Team: The Looker Success Team consists of a Customer Success Manager who serves as the primary point of contact to the Success Team, and access to a pooled resource of Customer Success Engineers.

Customer Success Manager: Customer Success Managers are Looker adoption and value realization experts assigned to the Customer.

Examples of interactions facilitated by the Looker Success Team are:

Customer Success Engineering: Customer Success Engineers are a team of experts ready to assist in Customer’s technical and business-related challenges via email, screen share, and voice. Customer Success Engineering provides Customers with short consultations to provide direction, guidance and examples. Scheduled sessions require advanced notice, and are subject to rescheduling by Looker due to staff availability.

Examples of challenges suitable for Customer Success Engineering are:

Screen Share Support: Screen Share Support provides Customers with the option to schedule a screen share with the Looker Customer Success team to dig deeper into a support related problem. Screen shares must be scheduled ahead of time and are subject to availability.

Priority Issue Queue: Customer’s Support issues related to the Looker product will receive priority for troubleshooting and root cause analysis.

Disclaimer: Premier Success is not intended to operate as consulting services. No deliverables or work product is provided as part of the Premier Success Services. All Premier Success Services are provided remotely, unless mutually agreed by the parties, and subject to reimbursement of Looker’s reasonable travel costs. The Premier Success Services are a resource for Customer to use in Customer’s sole discretion, and by offering the Services, Looker does not assume responsibility for completion of Customer’s projects, or promise to the Customer any specific outcome or functionality. The Success Team is not a full time resource and is subject to availability. Premier Success is subject to the terms and conditions of the Master Subscription License Agreement, including but not limited to the support terms at looker.com/terms/support (“Agreement”) entered into between the parties, which is incorporated herein by reference. All capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall be given the meaning assigned to them in the Agreement.