How it works
Looker Spark Program

Let your Sparks fly - start with a selfie

The Spark Kit is your entry into the Looker Spark Program.

Here's how it works:


Identify the data Sparks in your team – the ones doing great things with data that are enhancing business efficiency and effectiveness.

Snap & Post

Take a photo of your Spark holding the Looker Sparks photo frame (in your Spark Kit). Share it, with a sentence or two, on the brilliant use of data they’ve been driving, on your company intranet sites, office hour meetings or monthly newsletters.

But don’t stop there- show your Sparks off by posting their pictures and stories to the Looker community.

Also- check out our Spark blog posts- it’s a great place to find Spark and data related content- including some great examples of Sparks.

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