How it works
Looker Spark Program

Let your Sparks fly - start with a selfie

The Spark Kit is your entry into Spark Awards and the Looker Spark Program.

Here's how it works:


Identify the data Sparks in your team – the ones doing great things with data that are enhancing business efficiency and effectiveness.

Snap & Post

Take a photo of your Spark holding the Looker Sparks photo frame (in your Spark Kit). Post it with a sentence, or two, on the brilliant use of data they’ve been driving to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook with the tag #dataspark.


The best entries will be shortlisted by Looker founder, Lloyd Tabb. Your data-driven peers will then be invited to vote up the best of the best.


Get them ready for showtime! The Spark awards will be presented on stage at JOIN, the conference for data, in front of over 1,000 of the leading minds in data. The moment of glory will be captured on camera, shared across the web, and relived by thousands in email.