A match made in analytics heaven

A powerful database deserves a powerful data platform.

  • Compute power automatically scales to handle the load of users and queries
  • Keep all your data secure in the cloud. Snowflake is certified compliant for HIPAA, SOC 2 and PCI DSS
  • Store and analyze both structured and semi-structured data with ease
Leveraging Looker

Securely give everyone access to the data they need without fear of performance degradation


Leave your data in Snowflake, granularly control access from Looker


Define business logic to transform data into knowledge right at query time

Powerful features of Snowflake

Snowflake is a data warehouse built for the cloud. It lets enterprises of any size safely and efficiently store, transform, and analyze data so anyone can easily and quickly gain insight.

Snowflake Data Sharehouse

Any data that is shared through the Sharehouse is immediately available in Looker. Known datasets can use Looker Blocks® and extensions to share a data model as well as data.

Semi-Structured Data Support

Easily load, store, and query JSON, Avro, ORC, and Parquet data without any advance transformation.

Powerful Analytics

Snowflake’s advanced SQL dialect is rich in features. Leverage all the power and flexibility of Snowflake directly from Looker.

How Snowflake customers use Looker

"Looker has helped us become more transparent internally, which is helping us be more transparent externally."

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"Enabling a framework to get the right data to the right people is hugely important for any big decision we're going to make. And that's why a tool like Looker is so useful."

Edward Kaznowski, Lead Performance Analyst

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The ability to deploy faster than traditional offerings, analyze structured data together with semi-structured data like JSON in a single system, and easily provide our team with meaningful information at any scale, helps us go from questions to actions in a more efficient manner across the company.

- JP Lester, Chief Technology Officer
The Orchard

Embedded Excellence

A database made for concurrency + a modeling layer that scales.

  • To deliver an exceptional embedded user experience you must be able to provide the right resources and computing capacity to handle the workloads running an intuitive user experience on top. Snowflake and Looker allow you to do just that
  • Prototype, test and roll out a superior embedded data analytics product in a matter of months with Snowflake and Looker. Spin up as many independent compute resources for customers as you need (no data marts needed), then create beautiful visualizations and allow customers to explore data securely in a curated environment through Looker
  • PDX created a new source of revenue with Snowflake and Looker,
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