How sales teams can win with Looker

Looker can help your sales team perform more efficiently by focusing time on deals that can drive revenue.

Real-time sales forecasting & quota management

Looker’s cloud design can enable real-time sales analytics which provides up-to-date pipeline and quota information for efficient management and forecasting. Increase transparency and save time with automated email reports on the most metrics for your team.

Prioritize opportunities that drive quota attainment

The right sales analytics tool can help you identify and replicate sales activities that have been proven to win deals. Using Looker for sales analytics can get you there. Our data platform can help your sales team’s focus on meeting, and exceeding quota.

Quickly visualize sales performance with real-time data

Using Looker as sales analytics software, you can vastly reduce time-intensive number-crunching when you need to present sales performance data. Looker is an effective sales visualization tool designed to quickly get the real-time reports and insights you need in front of your audience.

Empower your sales team with better insights for smart actions

Looker’s cloud design can provide sales data analytics that are a reliable, single source of truth, which can reduce confusion and disagreement across your organization. This can allow everyone--from the C-suite, to management, to sales representatives--to feel more confident in their sales data analysis, which ultimately can lead to smart actions and growing revenue.

Access sales data when and where you need it

Looker can put data in the hands of sales teams when and where it's needed by integrating with the tools you’re already using. Seamlessly embed Looker back into systems like Salesforce for close-loop reporting, or set proactive alerts, emails, and texts to get the data you need to drive revenue delivered to you.

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Use and visualize your sales data in new ways

sales pipeline dashboard

Pipeline management & forecasting

  • Sales pipeline potential: Identify areas for growth by comparing conversion rates across verticals, regions, and individual sales reps
  • Optimize your sales funnel: Learn about user behavior by tracking events, stages, or actions to build points for optimization and close more accounts
  • Salesforce analytics you can use: Optimize resource allocation by reviewing your pipeline potential sliced by company size, geography, or any other customer attribute

Know the true power of your sales engine

  • Sales pulse analysis: Provide users with a visual overview of sales team performance & opportunities where concrete actions can be taken to boost conversions
  • Actionable insights on the fly: Give your sales team the ability to showcase their job performance with visual reports that are easy to create, so they can spend more time on sales and less time on creating reports
  • Beautiful, interactive visualizations: Use interactive data visualizations as a jumping off point for deeper analysis and allows your team to see both the big picture and granular details
sales performance dashboard
sales analytics dashboard

Set up your sales team for success

  • Data actions & notifications: Looker’s data can keep you in the loop and save you time. You can get an alert to notify you that a lead has come in and then automatically update your CRM records
  • Self-service analytics: Easy-to-use interface that can help your entire team start to think differently about data
  • Lead source tracking: Learn where your leads are coming from and quickly assess the status of each account, opportunity, and lead to maximize efficiency

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