How Looker helps SaaS companies

Looker makes it easy for SaaS companies to easily centralize and manage vast amounts of data, so they can roll data into every decision. From optimizing marketing spend to driving renewals with the best product features, it’s never been this simple.

How SaaS analytics customers use Looker

We chose Looker because we wanted a solution that was both really flexible for developers, and seamless for data consumers.

Justin Krause, Business Intelligence Developer

If you tie clear information, compelling outcome, and low barriers to adoption, you can drive behavior in your organization. That’s what Looker is helping us do at Hubspot.

Kevin Clough, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst Learn more

At SendGrid, data is super important because it allows us to make better decisions.

Quintin Zuber, Senior Data Analyst

Thanks to Looker, we spend less time manually massaging the data, and more time actually looking into what the data is telling us and the story behind it.

Jessica Zhang, Performance Marketing Lead Learn more

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