How Looker Does Product Analytics

Understanding user experience is the core of creating and developing a successful product. Looker’s Product Analytics Application makes it easy for product managers and engineers to design and develop better products with clear insight into the impact of product changes, friction points, and differences in behavior across customer segments.

How Product Analytics Customers use Looker

"We iterate very rapidly on our product. We are continuously looking at the impact those changes have on various key performance metrics. Our product team is then able to create new products off of that."


"With Looker, in three months, we were able to spin up an external-facing dashboard that allowed us to get clients real-time access to their data at any given time."

"TaskRabbit uses Looker pretty much in all departments. Everyone needs to look at data for some reason, whether they are an engineer, customer support, operations. Everyone uses Looker to watch the health of their department."

"Our Product Team was so used to having to request new data reports, they didn’t realize that with Looker all they had to do was refresh their page and it would extend their data. Looker put all the power into the hands of the Product Team."


Love your analytics

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