How Looker helps with operations and process management

When your company’s success depends on efficient inventory or process management, you need process management analytics and tools that can be tailored to your workflow and quickly adapt to changes. With Looker, see the whole picture and the whole journey of every product.

How operations and process management customers use Looker

Data is used to understand whether all of the work I do is successful or not. Having a data platform, definitely helps me be more efficient and more intelligent in the decision I'm making.

Andy Hattemer, Developer Marketing Manager Learn more

Looker has helped us really scale and automate a lot of business processes. We can just create a dashboard and a scheduled report. We no longer have to go through this super manual process just to take the pulse of what's going on.

Robert Schoenbeck, Data Analytics Manager Learn more

Looker has transformed the way the company uses data, from the partner success team to executives using dashboards to see how we are doing operationally.

Sandeep Kamath, Senior Manager of Analytics

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