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Use Looker to build scalable, reusable dashboards that show how each channel affect the others. Get a holistic view of your content, from how ads perform to unique content metrics to which authors have the lowest bounce rates.

How media customers use Looker

"Our editors had predictive knowledge of a post's success, so we launched a project to quantify that. Now, we use that information to surface content to make sure it gets the best audience possible."

Lyle P.M. Smith, Data Scientist

"We had lots of different tools that were specialized, from sales to marketing to analytics. We wanted an environment where we could store and manage the data so that we could actually understand it, and look at it without siloed points of view."

Bobby Gill, Data Analytics Director


"The new media landscape is constantly changing, and so the ways of assessing what's working and what's not are constantly changing. That requires a level of flexibility in figuring out how to the information to better inform your decisions, which Looker really empowers us to do."

Daniel Mintz, Head of Data & Analytics


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