A match made for enterprise cloud

A powerful database deserves a powerful data platform.

  • Powered by IBM BLU in-memory acceleration technology for increased performance and optimization of analytics at a massive scale
  • Elastic scaling for optimizing cloud data warehouse costs while meeting business performance requirements
  • Ready for enterprise analytics with compatibility and support for Oracle and Netezza workloads

Leveraging Looker


Looker leverages the speed of IBM BLU acceleration technology to provide faster access to even the largest data sets


Managed, monitored, and encrypted by IBM, leave your data where it lives while exploring and unlocking new insights with Looker


Looker speaks natively with the common IBM Db2 SQL engine to seamlessly work with any model, in the cloud or on-premise

Powerful features on IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud makes it simple to build a powerful and flexible analytics stack for your enterprise business.

Blazing fast analytics

With IBM BLU Acceleration, take advantage of key IBM technologies including in-memory processing for fast access to massive data sets, actionable compression which allows querying of data without decompression, and data skipping that only pulls the data required to satisfy the query.

Embedded Netezza support

Bring your existing Netezza workloads to the cloud, with built-in support for Netezza in-database algorithms include linear regression, decision tree clustering, k-means clustering, and ESRI-compatible geospatial extensions.

Elastic scaling

Scale your cluster up or down via web-interface or CLI commands, easily responding to your business analytics workload for optimal performance and cost.

Love your analytics

Business intelligence, big data analytics, or a 360° view of your customers. Whatever you need, Looker can help. Talk to our data experts.

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