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Looker empowers doctors, patients, and hospital administrators with the data they need in the field, the way they need it.

Get fast, secure access to real-time data

With a robust permissioning layer built in, Looker business intelligence software keeps data secure. You can guarantee only the right people will be given access to real-time data that’s specific to their needs. Everyone in your organization can explore and discover the answers to their own questions without the need for constant analyst oversight.

Improve efficiency and patient care

The Looker platform is easy-to-use. It allows healthcare providers to access patient information, provide more precise care, identify potential future health risks, and implement preventative treatment. You have the insights to improve future health outcomes for patients and hospitals alike.

Keep your data safe and compliant

Complex regulations are a challenge when managing a wide range of data from medical records to insurance delinquencies. Looker makes it possible to unlock the potential connections between all that data with both on-premise and cloud options that can be analyzed in secure environments.

Configure for HIPAA Compliance

Looker is built to support HIPAA compliance. Our team is experienced with HIPAA requirements and will work with you to ensure access to confidential data is limited and patient information is protected.

Creating better outcomes

Looker is designed for environments where data is massive, metrics are complex, and the insights must be governed and accurate across an organization.

Redefining healthcare with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation

Alternative Payment Models (APM) are revolutionizing healthcare, but metrics to analyze their performance has taken years to build. NewWave Telecom and Technologies, Inc. were able to deliver metrics and dashboards for new APMs in just days by using Looker’s flexible data platform with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Using existing metrics and leveraging Looker Blocks to build dashboards, doctors and administrators can now understand detailed data and patient performance across cohorts. This deep understanding of patients across hundreds of key metrics will facilitate the transition to value-based care.

Qventus helps hospitals plan through COVID-19

Qventus offers an AI-based software platform that helps hospital teams make better operational decisions in real-time. When COVID-19 hit, Qventus started helping hospitals predict and prepare for increased hospital capacity needs in supplies and transitions in patient care. They did this by powering their AI Software with Looker to develop a ‘PPE Demand Planner and Post Acute Care Utilization Tool’. Watch their JOIN@Home session to learn how Qventus leveraged existing data sets, custom dimensions, and predictions to quickly develop and customize a solution to help hospitals provide the best patient planning and care.

Commonwealth Care Alliance® on using data to monitor, react, and help patients with COVID-19

Commonwealth Care Alliance® (CCA) is a not-for-profit, community-based healthcare organization nationally recognized as a leader in providing care for high-cost, high-needs individuals through a proven model that improves quality and health outcomes while reducing overall costs of care. CCA is using Google BigQuery and Looker to monitor, react, and help patients with COVID-19. Within a constantly changing situation, CCA is able to make use of the latest facts and guidance to plan and proactively help their members.

Force Therapeutics uses data to improve digital patient care

Force Therapeutics, an episode-based patient engagement platform and research network, improves care by streamlining and deepening the connection between Physicians, Care Teams, and Patients. They knew there was opportunity to transform care by delivering secure and customized insights to surgeons, administrators, and patients. Within two weeks, the Force team embedded analytics into their product with Looker, providing secure scalable insights and improving patient care. Access to these insights help to improve the way patients experience receiving pre and post-op care as well as increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

How a healthcare consulting firm accelerated research requests

A leading healthcare consulting firm reduced turnaround times on research requests from weeks to minutes. Bringing data into the hands of research teams through self-service analytics allowed them to more quickly target research on specific target populations and practitioners, measure the value of recommended drugs on populations, and deliver better health outcomes for patients.

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Advanced analytics in healthcare

  • Fraud Detection: Looker is helping a Federal agency minimize opioid fraud across 1,600 investigators
  • Drug Sequencing: Major pharmaceutical research firms use Looker to identify the sequence of specific drugs to assist pharmaceutical companies in proving to insurers that their drugs provide better outcomes
  • Cancer Directory: A cancer research non-profit is working with Looker to build a directory of cancer treatments to find better care

Monetize your healthcare data

  • Sell Data Experiences, Not Just Data: Healthcare companies can monetize access to rich datasets through embedded analytics
  • Embedded Analytics as a Service: Incorporate rich, interactive experiences into services already deployed to clients
  • Turn Data Into Action: Get the most out of your healthcare data by turning metrics into actionable insights for stakeholders
healthcare performance dashboard
healthcare dashboard

Minimize loss and prevent fraud

  • Track Insurance Costs: Monitor insurance costs across geolocation and programs for future insurance premium changes & adjustments
  • Monitor Revenue and Compliance: Easily monitor revenue streams & quickly generate compliance or operational reporting across your organization

NewWave brings power of data to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation to support healthcare innovation in...

Commonwealth Care Alliance uses data to monitor, react, and help patients with COVID-19.

Counsyl streamlines results and boosts impact with data.

Force Therapeutics improves digital patient care with data.

Healthify takes a data-driven approach to modernize healthcare.

Moderna uses the right dose of data to boost discovery.

Nashville Biosciences improves the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease with data.

SkinVision leverages data to help save lives.

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