A match made for the cloud

A powerful database deserves a powerful data platform.

  • Whether you’re querying gigabytes or petabytes of data, BigQuery scales seamlessly to return results quickly
  • At only $5 per terabyte, querying big data in BigQuery is easy, cheap, and available to every employee
  • BigQuery handles all kinds of data easily, whether it’s nested, flattened, or giant

Leveraging Looker


Let Looker handle writing your queries, then leverage all of BigQuery’s power to get the answer.


Looker’s BigQuery cost estimator runs before you query and lets you set per-user limits.


Query nested data, write user-defined functions, and fully leverage BigQuery’s features.

Powerful features on BigQuery

BigQuery runs on the same hardware as all of Google’s products, which means it scales beyond enterprise-scale...to Google scale. This means that as your data grows, BigQuery stays performant and cost-effective.

Machine learning

Looker reduces complexity for quicker model development in BigQuery. Reduce wait-time, operationalize workloads, and get the predictive metrics you need.

Query cost estimator

BigQuery charges based on the amount of data you query. Most tools force you to guess what your query will cost. Looker leverages BigQuery’s full toolset to tell you before you run the query (and let you set limits accordingly).

Nested tables

BigQuery makes it easy to handle hierarchical data, but its special syntax leaves most tools at a loss. Looker writes the correct, performant SQL for you.

Love your analytics

Business intelligence, big data analytics, or a 360° view of your customers. Whatever you need, Looker can help. Talk to our data experts.

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