Up your game with gaming analytics

By tapping into mobile and video game analytics, you can use data to investigate user behaviors, driving a better understanding of your audience to make sure that your next game is a hit.

Deep dive into your player’s journey

Better data helps to build better games. Product managers, developers, and marketers can use game data analytics to see which features delight players, discover levels or areas in the game where players are getting stuck, and identify player lifetime value.

Level up your monetization strategy

Unlike other gaming analytics tools that have siloed results, Looker combines marketing data with behavioral data so that you can acquire the right types of players for your game. This combination allows you to connect your revenue to marketing spend and determine which networks, campaigns, and creative strategies to optimize for greater results.

Analyze all your data, without limits

Player retention and repeated gameplay require a deeper analysis of the complete data generated by your players. Looker leverages the power and scale of databases such as BigQuery and Snowflake to bring your data together, enabling you to answer questions directly in the fastest and most efficient way.

Standardize metrics across games

Standardizing important metrics, like D7 retention or Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), creates consistency and accuracy. By applying a central logic definition to your metrics, all of your team members will be on the same page when it comes to your data.

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When data is finally in everyone’s hands, it will be a game-changer

Level up on your data game so that you can gain accurate insights into players and the best ways to drive revenue.

game analytics dashboard

Grow your gameplay metrics

  • Gaming analytics overview: Track your most important KPIs, discover key insights, and make better decisions with real-time analytics
  • Optimize campaign spend: From channel and ad creative to event-level intelligence, take a multi-angled look at campaigns. Take advantage of automated bidding for real-time bid adjustments to optimize installs and increase revenue
  • Dig deeper into ad revenue: Keep players “in the game” — and in the moment — by better understanding sweet spots for ad placement to balance monetization and retention

Optimize gameplay experience

  • Reduce churn: Go beyond simple retention metrics to identify areas or levels where players have problems and optimize them to decrease quits and reduce churn
  • Balance difficulty, economy, and content: Monitor KPIs for insights to help your product team rebalance the game economy and track results
  • Improve experience: Games are constantly updating through the insights found in user behavior, improving the user experience to maximize gameplay
video game engagement dashboard
player analytics dashboard

Unlock customer insights

  • Invest in valuable players: Build sustainable growth by standing out in crowded marketplaces to find players that fit uniquely to your games
  • Find true lifetime value: Combine all revenue sources to get a full picture of each player’s LTV at any point in their lifecycle
  • Cohort analysis: Create custom cohorts that show deep trends within the group to help make product decisions that change the game

Storm8, SuperCell, and Sony rely on Looker to:

  • The Analyst Team creates and tracks customized metrics to drive strategy
  • The Finance Team analyzes potential new areas for growth
  • The Marketing Team analyzes the impact of new pricing strategies

Looker Blocks® for Gaming Analytics

Looker Blocks® serve as a starting point for all your data needs, including optimized SQL patterns, holistic web analytics, and report selectors with real-time data capabilities. Our gaming analytics software lets you do more with your data.

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