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Understand every aspect of your eCommerce business, from how web page activities impact conversion rates to finding friction points in the purchasing process. Give your teams the info they need to take action and drive purchases.

Optimize Your sales performance

Looker provides eCommerce business intelligence solutions that provide valuable insights and allow you to gain a better understanding of your promotional cycles. Highlight breakdowns across demand stages. Find pain points on the path to purchase and, ultimately, maximize profits.

Identify eCommerce trends

How can you stay on top of trends if you have no data about what’s trending? Use eCommerce data analytics to learn more about brand performance by category, analyze product availability, identify gaps in supply chain efficiency, and decrease unnecessary expenditures.

Know your customers

Learn more about your customers so that you can give them more of what they want and increase your revenue in the process. With analytics software for ecommerce businesses, you can track customer behavior, identify which customers are the most valuable, and gain more insight into shopping cart behavior.

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Upgrade your eCommerce analytics

Businesses now have access to more data than ever before thanks to eCommerce data analytics. Looker comes equipped with powerful tools that help discover profitable insights and create opportunities to grow your business.

ecommerce analytics dashboard

eCommerce analysis

  • Track eCommerce KPIs: From revenue, to shopping cart abandonment, to conversion rates and life customer values, all of your Key Performance Indicators are easy to measure and track
  • Optimize sales performance: Our eCommerce business analytics tools will help boost online sales by using predictive modeling to identify consumer trends and update prices based on supply and demand
  • Sequencing transactions: Having the ability to organize customer behavior data is invaluable to your business. That’s why our analytics allow you to sequence customer transactions in order to focus on the big picture

Category & brand management

  • Category performance: As a prominent feature on our analytics dashboard, you can identify top performers in product categories and use it to your advantage to make savvier purchasing decisions
  • Maximize profitability: BI data can be used to inform your decisions about which promotions to run (and when), how to make marketing choices based on geolocation, and when to take items off the shelves and into your online store, maximizing your profits
  • Improve inventory management: Make more efficient purchasing decisions with real time insights on how your inventory is performing to make sure high-demand products never run out of stock
  • Alerting: Set up custom rules to receive email alerts when top-performing products need to be restocked
category management dashboard
customer analytics dashboard

Customer trends & behavior

  • Customer profiles: Have customers easily create a profile to learn more about their shopping habits, their order history, and their preferences
  • User loyalty: Access user behavior data to discover more about what encourages your customers to make buying decisions
  • Repeat purchase patterns: Compare and contrast the behavior of one-time buyers vs. your best customers in order figure out new promotions and marketing tactics to drive more business

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