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Understand every aspect of your retail & eCommerce business, from how web page activities impact conversion rates to finding friction points in the purchasing process, so teams can take action and drive purchases.

How eCommerce Customers use Looker

"Data's so important to Bonobos because we are a digitally native company that has a 360 view of our customers."


"Every single decision we make should be based on the data we have. Enabling a framework to get the right data to the right people is hugely important for any big decision we're going to make. And that's why a tool like Looker is so useful."


"Looker is a whole company tool. It's not something that just our Marketing or Product team uses. It's the first place that people go if they have a question and need an answer."


"What is most important to me is that end product, how do I actually use that to answer the questions, and make informed decisions to move the business forward."

"With the Looker platform, it definitely helps us stay lean and maintain a smaller and more nimble team and, with that, we are better able to serve our customers."

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