Analyze more. Wrangle less.

Looker helps you to focus on the most valuable aspects of your work. Faster data prep means improved efficiency and quicker time-to-value.

Prepare the right data efficiently

Looker provides governed data, so the metrics you need are predefined, reusable and reliable. It’s never been easier to collect, combine and feed data from any connected source directly to your advanced analytics models.

Do prescriptive analytics with popular tools

From simple regression for forecasting, to k-means clustering for customer segmentation — use the techniques and tools you already know and love to build artificial intelligence and machine-learning models that answer your highest value questions.

Take immediate action from your model outputs

Get from answers to outcomes faster, by delivering actionable insights to your stakeholders and other endpoints. Merge model outputs with other datasets in Looker to visualize data, or schedule and trigger actions around business processes.

The benefits of Looker in your data science workflow...

Save Time
  • Faster data prep cycle time with predefined, reliable metrics in LookML
  • Seamless data export with Looker integrations for data science
  • Boundless datasets sent for immediate modeling with Stream Results
Best of Breed
  • Robust data connections with R Studio and Jupyter Notebook
  • Democratized AI analytical techniques with DataRobot, BIgSquid and other tech partners
  • Scalable machine learning with Google TensorFlow integration
Better Results
  • Tighten up feedback loops to better test and optimize statistical models
  • Automate actions to surface insights and trigger business processes
  • Push your highest value work for greater impact in more places and ways

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How Data Science customers use Looker

"Looker has put more time back into the hands of the scientists. Now we have time to be scientists."

Kevin Ford, PhD, Data Scientist


"Looker really allowed us to focus on what dat we can get and what insights we can drive when we spend more time doing analysis, rather than making sure the data is right"

Charles Whittaker, Senior Director, U.S. Products


"Our editors had predictive knowledge of a post's success, so we launched a project to quantify that. Now, we use that information to surface content to make sure it gets the best audience possible."

Lyle P.M. Smith, Data Scientist

"It’s a massive time saver for us, reducing what used to take hours to only a few minutes.”

Julia Silges, PhD, Data Scientist

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