The Looker Professional Services team is available to help new and existing customers with deployment, tuning, and training to make sure your Looker Data Platform exceeds your expectations.

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"Our Consultant taught us some best practices for naming and organizing our model that really made it easy for End Users to jump in and explore their data. We were building production-ready reports and dashboards days after connecting Looker to our database."

Matt Pollack
Vice President, Strategy & Operations

Packages for your specific needs

Using both training and pair programming, the Jumpstart service is focused on getting you up and running quickly. Learn best practices in building a secure data model that creates a platform for your company to explore data. The result is a performant data model that is easy to maintain and a platform that is easy for anyone to confidently explore data and iterate on existing views. The Jumpstart is purchased as a part of your initial license agreement.

Custom Service
Looker can provide a customized quote for specific services you may need for development and implementation. Services may include: data integration assistance, data model development, dashboards, visualizations, or customized training.

Training for Data Explorers
This class helps users confidently explore data, iterate on existing views and create dashboards. No knowledge of SQL is needed. By the end of the class, your business users will be able to ask and answer their own questions, modify queries and adjust reports without waiting for help from the data team.
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Developer Training
This class targets analysts who will be building LookML models and administering the Looker Data Platform. It will cover best practices for building data models that are performant and easy to maintain.
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"Looker is amazing and the services team is very responsive. There was no time wasted in training or getting configured. Super impressed and very, very happy we signed up!"

Alex Johnson
Head of Operations

Interested in Professional Services?

Ask your Looker account manager or sales rep to learn more about the Jumpstart program, getting customized service, or any of our training courses. You can also fill out this form and let us know you’re interested.