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Turn data into insights that power better decisions.

If your data’s got it, flaunt it

Help your data to make an impression with Looker’s data visualization software. Maximize impact and tell a more compelling story with tools that allow for deeper analysis.

Dashboards that let you go deeper

Interactive and dynamic, Looker’s data visualizations and dashboards give you the flexibility to drill down into your data while maintaining a secure, birds-eye view of operations.

Take action out of insights

Whether it's booking a meeting with a rep, sending a team group text, or emailing a customer about a delay, Looker provides an easy, user-friendly workflow.

Access a single dashboard for multiple experiences

Looker dashboards can be set up to filter for individuals or groups dynamically. Create one dashboard for sales reps, one for customer success managers, and another for external viewers.

Fresh data that looks great

How do you want to see your data in Looker? Choose from our library for everything from sunbursts to stopwatches. Looking for something even more specific? Build your own visualization, and we’ll add it to your Looker workflow.

funnel visualization


map visualization


gauge multiple visualization

Gauge Multiple Visualization

timeline visualization


donut chart

Donut multiples

line and bar graph

Combined charts

Create your own

Patterns, trends, and outliers… oh my.

Don’t wait for issues to become problems. Looker’s data visualization software makes it easy to detect changes and irregularities within your data. Learn how you can bring more nuance and impact to your presentations with our comprehensive guide. Access the guide now and start building effective, action-oriented dashboards and presentations.

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