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With Looker you can get more than just a BI tool. The Looker Data Platform helps deliver powerful analytics built on a modern data stack -- as well as embedded analytics, valuable connected services, customizable data applications, comprehensive professional services, and world-class support.

Looker pricing can be customized for you, based on factors such as number of users and the scale of your deployment. Pricing can be designed to fit businesses large and small. Looker’s pricing specialists can work directly with you on a pricing structure for your business.

Looker can support nonprofits and educators

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More than just a BI tool, Looker is a modern data platform

Looker can provide the foundation you need to help build a data strategy to suit your specific needs. With Looker at the center of your data strategy, you can go beyond standard reporting (although it is great for that too). From dashboards to reporting, Looker can be your one-stop-shop for BI, analytics, visualization and data management.

What you can get

The bottom line

We want to help you extract more value from your data.

Plain and simple.

With Looker, we’re doing analysis we used to think was impossible.

Kevin Clough, Analytics Program Manager, HubSpot

Release the data

Expect more from your resources.

Activate analysts

By baking their knowledge of the data logic into LookML, analysts can get the information key aspects of your data out of their head and into code. With self-serve data available, analysts can be unbound from reactive reporting and analyze data.

Access accuracy

People can make decisions with or without the right data. Decisions based on inaccurate calculations or outdated numbers can be costly. Looker helps give every employee access to the right data, defined the right way, at the right time.

Accelerate analytics

Looker has pre-made analytical blocks that let you use templates for certain data or analyses. Whether it’s for data sources like Salesforce or Zendesk, or complex analytical patterns like cohort analysis, Looker has a block to jumpstart your insights.

Looker customers love to...

Trust data

Working within a curated environment helps give Looker customers access to fresh data so they can stay on top of sudden changes, and take swift action.

Ask questions

We believe great technology should be supported by people, not voice-prompted infobots. By offering personalized support options, Looker can help ensure that your team receives the right level of customer love.

Stay current

Looker’s visualization and dashboarding capabilities mean that users can stay in the data loop. The ability to drill in on anything they want to learn more about is the cherry on top.

Take action

Stop switching apps. Looker actions can make it easy for users to update AdWord bids, changes ticket status or even email customers – all from their Looker dashboard!

Chat the data

The Lookerbot for Slack can make it easy to bring data into Slack conversations. Quickly access all your data in Looker directly via Slack.

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