Need to deliver data, charts and dashboards?
No problem.

Your customers want access to data and Looker makes it easy to get more value from their data, from more places. Looker’s lightweight and flexible architecture seamlessly integrates into most any existing tech stack. Offering all you want from a content platform, Looker turns data into better business.

Do more with your data

Extend your Product
Create charts, dashboards or a full data discovery platform

Gain Value from your Data
Monetize data services for your customers

Utilize Modern Architecture
Leverage Looker’s lightweight application server

Deploy Quickly
Embed analytics in a matter of hours

Whether you’re a Developer, a Business Analyst or a Product Manager, embedding and sharing data is easy for everyone.





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Powered By Customers

Urban Airship

Ease of Set Up: Urban Airship tapped Looker’s easy-to-install embedded analytics to help leading brands engage their mobile users and maximize their reach.

Improved Value: Urban Airship customers combine performance dashboards, funnel reporting, cohort analysis and ad-hoc exploration in a modern data platform to achieve sky-high ROI.


Ease of Set Up: ISCS used Looker to quickly install a powerful set of self-service analytics tools to help its customers analyze and understand their businesses, at the deepest level of granularity.

Improved Value: Packaged as SurePower Insights™, the new business intelligence module solved a critical customer need, while increasing the value of the SurePower™ brand and generating new revenue opportunities.

Campus Logic

Ease of Set Up: Campus Logic found Looker after searching for an efficient tool, with quick set-up and easily integrated SSO capabilities, to provide financial aid professionals with a powerful data tool.

Improved Value: Campus Logic is transforming the student financial aid process by providing schools with an integrated data platform that allows them to access real-time financial analysis to help reduce costs.


Ease of Set Up: After deriving immediate value from internal analytics, Handshake decided to expose Looker externally to its customers. With a few lines of code, Handshake rapidly prototyped and deployed embedded analytics across its entire customer base.

Improved Value: With Looker’s embedded analytics, Handshake encourages customers to improve their individual businesses through self-service analytics, increasing customer engagement and returns.

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