Go from BI to data experiences

To unlock the full value of information, companies need solutions that transcend traditional BI and infuse data into workflows.

Break down barriers to insight

Get the insights you need by filtering to granular slices of data in a few clicks from your favorite dashboard. Introduce data into every conversation with the ability to find the answers you need on-the-fly, right from within Slack.

Increase performance and optimize costs

Get more from your data infrastructure investments, with new features designed to improve performance, optimize costs, and help you to better manage enterprise scale deployments.

Build better data products, faster

Unlock new types of data experiences and accelerate development workflows with prebuilt UI components. Improve your products’ competitive advantage and drive new revenue growth at a reduced development cost.

Dashboards people love to slice & dice

Answer more questions through modern, interactive dashboards.

  • Inspire your teams to follow their hunches and dig into data with beautiful, intuitive dashboards that help you ask for what you need
  • Get next-level answers with dashboards which can be sliced and diced for more granular insights
  • Follow ideas wherever they lead, with new cross-filtering on dashboards, allowing for stream-of-conscious discovery

Enhanced integration with Slack

Fuel discussions with data without disrupting the chat.

  • Make data-driven conversations the new default, with the updated Slack integration
  • Receive conditional alert notifications in Slack that allow you to stay more closely connected to Looker data
  • Enjoy seamless sharing, frictionless access to your favorite Looker content, and enhanced security with user-level authentication and granular permissions

Expert-approved Google Marketing Analytics Suite

Install Blocks for Google Marketing Platform & Google Ads from the Looker Marketplace.

The new Looker Blocks clear the way for marketers to get up and running quickly with out-of-the-box analytics for Google Marketing Platform advertising data, Google Analytics 360 data and Google Ads data. The Blocks were crafted in partnership with Google experts. The fully-customizable experiences offer interactive data exploration, new slices of data with lite ML predictions baked in, direct links to adjust campaigns and keywords, and paths for enriching the Google products with Google and non-Google data.

Data when you need it

Find insights wherever you are with the new native mobile app.

  • Enjoy fast, easy access to your company’s data, and quickly check on issues or monitor KPIs on your mobile device
  • Focus on the data that matters most to you with easily filtered Dashboards and Looks
  • Seamlessly share insights with colleagues to keep everyone on the same page

Faster queries at a lower cost

Improve business-user access to data while controlling cost.

  • Create and materialize aggregate tables right in your database via LookML
  • Leverage aggregate tables to query fewer rows, lower query costs, and provide results faster
  • Aggregates automatically UNION larger data sets when necessary
  • Retain full power of modern data warehouses like Google BigQuery while optimizing costs - no trade-off between speed and granularity

Better experience for model developers

Make model development and analysis faster, more intuitive, and more collaborative.

  • New IDE redesign makes the workflows more intuitive with increased focus on usability and approachability
  • The updated object browser simplifies project navigation and exposes the model objects via an intuitive interface
  • Simplified ‘code-based’ modeling process

Accelerate data application development

Stand on the shoulders of Looker with the Extension Framework.

  • Allow front-end developers to build and deploy within Looker — no DevOps or standalone servers needed
  • Take advantage of existing authentication and permissions
  • Let developers focus on building great user experiences, and leave the DevOps, security, hosting to Looker

Distribute data applications via Marketplace

Grow user engagement and create new revenue opportunities.

  • Now GA, Marketplace includes over 60+ blocks, visualizations, and applications from Looker and our Partners
  • Discover new solutions for valuable use cases and get a fast, seamless installation process… all within the Looker admin interface
  • Rapidly deploy apps to your organization, and make your projects available to the entire Looker customer base

Search the metadata with Data Dictionary

Dive deeper with improved, more powerful search capabilities.

  • The single-source-of-search for business users to search and trust all metric definitions
  • Quickly audit and optimize all LookML fields for things like missing descriptions and repeat fields

Love your analytics

Business intelligence, big data analytics, or a 360° view of your customers. Whatever you need, Looker can help. Talk to our data experts.

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