Robust data-driven experiences at scale

Go beyond reports and dashboards, scale with your business, allow developers to build data products faster, and ensure data reaches everyone.

Build data experiences at the speed of business

Create customized data-driven experiences using components and modules to build complex, powerful data products in a reusable format

Help accelerate the business with packaged experiences

Eliminate days, weeks or even months of development time with composable, packaged experiences from the Looker Marketplace

Power more insights for more people

Navigate Looker with intuitive guidance to help you find the insights you need, wherever you are

Deliver data experiences at scale

Benefit from simplified management, improved performance, and expanded deployment choices.

Looker Developer Portal

Build faster with this one-stop hub for the Looker developer community.

  • Help reduce developer friction and save development time by consolidating Looker’s developer resources and making them easy to find
  • Engage, discover, learn, and adopt platform functionality contributing to and fostering a developer community
  • Get access to overview guides and tutorials for Looker APIs and SDKs, Embedding, Components, Action Hub, Extension Framework, and the Looker Marketplace

Extension Framework

Stand on the shoulders of Looker to accelerate application development.

  • Build applications and data experiences easier and faster with the generally available Extension Framework
  • Focus on your product and let it handle hosting, authentication, authorization, and more
  • Leverage a variety of extensions -- ranging from full screen applications to widgets

Components for Filters

Bring the filters on dashboards in Looker into an embedded application or extension.

  • Make changes to the filters on the Looker dashboard and automatically get them reflected in the filter components in your custom application
  • Declare filters in your embedded application and then offload the management to the analysts
  • Decrease application maintenance and overhead for developers

Cloud Cost Management Solution

Looker can help optimize transparency, spend, and performance across clouds.

  • Gain granular visibility into Cloud spend across AWS, Azure & GCP
  • Centralize data for access to real-time cross-platform insights
  • Take programmatic and intelligent action to help optimize performance and value

Looker Block™ for Retail

Connect directly to your transaction-item-level table to unlock insights.

  • Get a comprehensive overview of group and store performance, customer behavior, and basket dynamics
  • Act intelligently on which customer segments and products to promote
  • Understand and engage with your customers at the right time

Looker Mobile App

Find insights with the new native mobile app.

  • Enjoy access to your company’s data, and quickly check on issues or monitor KPIs on your mobile device
  • Secure your data by enabling biometric authentication like face or touch ID
  • View the content in other languages

Actions for Customer Match and Data Import

Identify, build, and engage audiences.

  • Unlock the power of your company’s first-party data
  • Send segments and audiences of data directly into Ads
  • Create targeted customer interactions by accessing, analyzing, and activating first-party insights

Action for Microsoft Teams

Keep your team data-driven.

  • Automatically receive daily sales results
  • Detect outliers in data, receive alerts, and discuss potential responses -- via chat
  • Receive important reports as reminders on a regular basis

LookML Diagram

Visualize the data model in an intuitive manner.

  • Help develop robust and accurate data models, reduce errors, and visualize your work
  • Select a model + explore to visualize your code in an interactive diagram
  • Understand the relationships, behaviors, and extensions of different LookML objects

Choice of Hosting Environment

Choose to deploy Looker in the cloud of your choice.

  • Host Looker in the cloud of your choice with Azure hosting now available, along with AWS and Google Cloud
  • Help improve performance, consolidate cloud deployments, meet compliance requirements, and better fit analytics into your cloud strategy

Love your analytics

Business intelligence, big data analytics, or a 360° view of your customers. Whatever you need, Looker can help. Talk to our data experts.

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