Looker 7: Go from BI to data experiences

To unlock the full value of information, companies need solutions that transcend traditional BI and infuse data into workflows.

Create beautiful, modern data products

A growing suite of development tools streamline the Looker API experience and make it even easier to build data products on Looker.

Own your architecture, own your success

Optimize adoption, performance, and infrastructure costs for success at scale — all within the stack of your choice.

Spark conversations with data

Discover insights faster in and out of Looker. Change the way you work with data, from more intuitive dashboards to a closed-loop Slack integration, to advanced alerts.

Tell a story with data

Deliver value in differentiating and unique ways through modern dashboards.

  • Help users create and share intuitive and delightful content to tell the story of their data better with new dashboards
  • Guide users through understanding a dataset with new dashboard templates for dynamic reports and mobile-first experiences
  • Engage consumers with configurable filtering options like cross-filtering, custom range finders, and more

Extend your experience in Looker

Browse the marketplace or build custom experiences to enhance Looker.

  • Access the combined work of the Looker community with purpose-built applications, templated data models, and visualization plug-ins—all available from the Looker marketplace
  • Build rich, modern data experiences within Looker faster than ever using new Looker components
  • Deploy solutions from the marketplace right inside of your Looker BI application to enhance the Looker experience for all of your users

Be in the know, stay in the know

React to small changes before they become big problems with analytic alerts.

  • Create and subscribe to alerts for automatic notification of important changes in your data
  • Set thresholds within your data to alert you when even the most stable solutions have issues
  • Get notified wherever you work, whether it’s email, text, Slack, or somewhere else

Analyze your analytics activity

Scale faster, control costs, and get more from your data platform with Looker system activity analytics.

  • Monitor user activity, identify power users, and drive data advocacy. Deliver business value by connecting users to the data and insights they need
  • Identify popular dashboards, reports, and more. Develop best practices for your org that encourage adoption and build data culture
  • Combine system activity with cloud consumption data using Looker blocks. Identify performance issues and scheduling bottlenecks and contain costs while driving higher ROI

New security certifications

Looker continues to pursue security certifications that matter to our customers. We are proud to announce that we recently achieved ISO 27001, PCI, and SOC 2 Type I (GCP) certifications, in addition to maintaining our SOC 2 Type II (AWS) and HIPAA compliance obligations.

Connect to data in minutes

Looker connections help you focus on data ROI.

  • Connect Looker to data from 45+ sources to get up and running with analytics quickly
  • Keep operations running smoothly with managed connections to vital data
  • Leverage best-in-class technology to make sure your analytics are fast

Discuss data where you already are

Collaborate around data with Looker’s new closed-loop Slack integration.

  • Pull curated content into Slack conversations to make sure everyone is on the same (data-informed) page
  • Schedule KPIs to Slack channels to keep everyone aligned on top goals
  • Immediately alert teams that can solve problems when passing custom thresholds
  • Backup every suggestion with data and easily share new insights—all within Slack

Looker services

Achieve your desired outcomes.

Looker's implementation blueprint and skilled resources provide enterprise-class offerings that deliver the results you need, quickly.

  • Identify business goals, plan deployment, and measure value
  • Design and build a secure, scalable, high-performance data platform
  • Align, train, and enable business teams to create a great data experience

Write SQL, get charts

Explore raw data within the context of your business using visualizations in SQL runner.

  • Run and share quick analyses, even if you haven’t had time to model the data
  • Improve understanding of your raw data to get up and running with Looker even faster

Love your analytics

Business intelligence, big data analytics, or a 360° view of your customers. Whatever you need, Looker can help. Talk to our data experts.

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