Forward-thinking businesses need a solution that goes beyond conventional BI. Category leaders are looking for experiences that infuse data into operational workflows and close the gap between insights and action in a way that transforms how they work with — and how they get value from — their data.

Looker is an enterprise-class platform that empowers users, data analysts, and application developers to get that value from their data — from workflow integrations and custom applications to embedded analytics and modern BI.

Create beautiful, modern data products

Build a governed and extensible data framework into the fabric of any application. Looker provides a growing suite of development tools that simplify and enrich your building experience upon our APIs, making it even easier to build data products on Looker. Plus, for the first time, we’re making it possible for anyone to build features inside of Looker BI.

With Looker 7, you can:

Take advantage of purpose-built applications, templated data models, and visualization plug-ins from the Looker community in the Looker Marketplace.

Accelerate data application development to help product builders ship new types of data experiences fast and solve valuable data use cases with Extension Framework.

Bring powerful features from Looker into any application (even mobile) in the language of your choice with SDKs for JavaScript, R, Python, Kotlin, and Swift.

Own your architecture, own your success

Looker reinforces the performance and security you seek at the enterprise scale. Looker gives you choice in where your instance is hosted and supports private, public, or multicloud strategies. Looker allows you to speed up queries for greater scale and performance, while optimizing costs.

With Looker 7, you can:

Experience better performance at scale — across multiple clouds — on a foundation powered by Kubernetes for Looker-hosted customers.

Increase query performance and reduce database consumption with Aggregate Awareness capability.

Process sensitive and regulated data knowing Looker has earned HIPAA, ISO27001, and PCI compliance certificates.

Spark conversations with data

Looker’s powerful out-of-the-box capabilities enable more users to infuse data into their workflows, conversations, and decision-making. Discover insights faster with improved dashboards. Collaborate around data in Slack. Get up and running quickly with out-of-the-box analytics for Google Marketing Platform advertising data, Google Analytics 360 data and Google Ads data.

With Looker 7, you can:

Enrich analyses with a completely reimagined dynamic dashboard experience.

Infuse every collaboration and project with insight using Looker’s closed-loop Slack integration.

Install new Blocks for Google Marketing Platform & Google Ads from the Looker Marketplace.

Love your analytics

Business intelligence, big data analytics, or a 360° view of your customers. Whatever you need, Looker can help. Talk to our data experts.

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