A data platform for everyone

In Looker 5, our vision of a data platform that serves every department and every person’s data needs has truly arrived. Looker 5 delivers dozens of innovations, upgrades and game-changing features that transform the way users experience and interact with their data.

Build more with new blocks

Building a powerful analytics environment has never been this easy. Expand your analytics with more visualizations, give your business users more tools for their own analysis and easily integrate data from outside sources.

Data Tools

Curated experiences for end-users with just a few clicks

Viz Blocks

Unlimited possibilities to visualize your data

Data Blocks

Pre-modeled external datasets to enrich your analyses

Deep-Dive: Data Blocks

Add valuable public data to any analysis with pre-modeled external datasets.

  • Learn how weather impacts your business with Looker’s Weather Data Block

  • Use Looker’s Demographic Data Block to get more information on your customer base, and build up an understanding of your core markets

  • Forecast your revenue and growth metrics with key financial indicators such as inflation, unemployment, interest rates with our Economic Indicator Data Block

  • Make connections between zipcodes and county-level information seamlessly with our Geo Mapping Data Block

Easily take action on all of your insights

  • What if you could be alerted to, understand, and fix a problem all from the same tool?

  • Integrate Looker with your favorite 3rd party applications to take action from your insights

  • Schedule your data to S3, email a customer with Sendgrid, or even change the bid on AdWords -- all from your Looker dashboard

A feature-rich release

  • Tool Builder
  • Viz Blocks
  • Data Merge
  • Personalized Homepage
  • Git Branching
  • Action Hub
  • Ad-hoc Statistical Functions
  • Improved Dashboarding
  • Data Blocks
  • Chart Annotations
  • Project Imports
  • Native Derived Tables
  • Druid Dialect Support
  • SQL Runner Visualizations
  • LookML Developer Improvements

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