With Looker 21, we continue to invest in a robust data platform used to build custom data-driven experiences that goes beyond just reports and dashboards, scales and helps grow with your business, allows developers to build innovative data products faster, and ensures data reaches the right people in the right way.

Looker 21 overview

Build data experiences at the speed of business

Looker helps enable developers to create customized data experiences using components and modules that can be connected together with services to build complex, powerful data products in a reusable format.

With Looker 21, you can:

Reduce developer friction and save development time by consolidating Looker’s developer resources (documentation, tutorials, sample code, examples, Community etc.) on the Looker Developer Portal.

Accelerate data application development to help product builders ship new types of data experiences fast and solve valuable data use cases with Extension Framework.

Add Looker’s filter functionality into an embedded application or extension with Looker Filter Components, by connecting directly to a Looker dashboard.

Accelerate the business value with packaged experiences

Reusable and packaged experiences from the Looker Marketplace help analysts eliminate days, weeks or even months of development time.

With Looker 21, you can:

Leverage the out of box robust reporting & BI capabilities to get up and running quickly with transparency across the three major clouds with the new Cloud Cost Management solution.

Identify, build and easily send audiences to Ads to re-engage and acquire customers, via the new action for Customer Match and enhancements for Google Analytics 4.

Gain a comprehensive overview of group and store performance, customer behavior, basket dynamics, and promotional opportunities with the Looker Block for Retail.

Provide insights for people

Navigate Looker easily with intuitive guidance to find the insights you need, faster.

With Looker 21, you can:

Get insights on your mobile devices with the native Looker Mobile app (for both iOS and Android), which is available in 22 languages, and supports biometric authentication like face or touch ID.

Push data from the Looker bot into conversations with the Looker Action for Microsoft Teams on a scheduled, one-off, or trigger-based cadence.

Enable faster, simpler, and intuitive on-the-fly analysis and exploration with custom fields and calculations.

Deliver data experiences at scale

Looker continues to help simplify management, improve performance, and provide more deployment choices.

With Looker 21, you can:

Host Looker in the cloud of your choice, with Microsoft Azure now supported along with Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

Develop robust and accurate data models, reduce errors, and easily visualize your work with the new LookML diagram.

Simplify the process of getting trusted insights from data, quickly, through Looker with the enhanced automatically generated LookML model.

Love your analytics

Business intelligence, big data analytics, or a 360° view of your customers. Whatever you need, Looker can help. Talk to our data experts.

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