Boost your developer workflows

Collaborate better and ensure continuity as you embed reporting into your product. Manage your complete workflow in git with true version history and an agile development process.

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Deliver better data products faster

Custom embedded analytics applications help improve product-market fit with APIs for all your data. Plus, a spectrum of developer tools for rapid prototyping and iteration.

Looker vs. alternatives

Grow revenue and reduce costs

Drive upsells by offering governed, robust experiences in your premium products with embedded analytics software from Looker. Focus resources on core competencies to minimize your data app’s development and maintenance costs.

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Maintain performance from a single point

Make changes to your embedded reporting easily as you grow. Govern your model in one place, and have metric definitions and user permissions auto-update everywhere.

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Enable self-serve data experiences

Build embedded reporting experiences that allow your customers to drill down, explore, schedule alerts and ask the next question of their data. Robust APIs, SDKs and a library of popular integrations provide total control.

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Tier your Looker analytics offerings

Good $
Better $$
Best $$$
Historical data 6-11 months 12-23 months 24+ months
Granularity of data aggregates row level row and column level
Ad hoc analysis static reporting self-serve exploration build reports, schedule, actions, alerts
Data actions none storage only:
Box, Dropbox, Drive, AWS S3
all including
Slack, Twilio, Adwords
Customization none metrics only metrics, filters, reports
End-user type view only view and explore explore with actions
Admin reporting static only explore only automated actions

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Business intelligence, big data analytics, or a 360° view of your customers. Whatever you need, Looker can help. Talk to our data experts.

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