Applications in Looker

Take control of your mission-critical data with purpose-built applications.


Dig deeper right out of the box. Simply connect to your application-specific data from Looker and you're ready to go.


Quickly surface your most relevant, actionable insights. Customize reports and functionality to your specific metrics.

Designed to scale

Built within Looker and designed to support growth and address more complex, cross-functional questions.

Tools for a better workday

Sales analytics

  • Organize leads, contacts, opportunities and accounts quickly with out-of-the-box reports
  • Manage every level of your sales organization with robust, customizable, purpose-built workflows for representatives, managers and operational teams
  • Dig deeper and combine data from other systems with Looker’s platform to gain valuable insights into your prospects and customers to maximize retention and upsell, while minimizing churn

Digital marketing analytics

  • Powerful and customizable reports for Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more ready out of the box
  • Understand ad spend across multiple channels with the unified cross-channel dashboard
  • Suggested optimizations bubble up under and over performing ads, and let you change bids right from the product

Web analytics

  • A friendly interface and simple link sharing lets everyone look at report data you know and rely on from Google Analytics 360
  • Dive deeper into your website with cross-property analysis, more flexible goals, schedule alerts, dynamic cohorts, and more
  • Infinitely expand your 360 view with additional sales and marketing data

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