Looker makes it easy for everyone to find, explore and understand the data that drives business. Data analysts describe data, from metrics to data-definitions, while easily exposing all of the data, not just a subset, so your team, your partners, and your customers can ask and answer their own questions.

single source truth

Reliable Source of Truth

A data platform that ensures reliable metrics and consistent definitions.

explore data

Explore All Your Data

Anyone can get the whole picture to answer their own questions.

data culture

Create a Data Culture

Drive data into decision-making – 97% of customers use Looker every day.

How will you use Looker?

Internal Analytics

Your employees should have the access to the data and analytics tools they need to make decisions. Learn how the Looker Data Platform can help your company be more data-driven.


Embedded Analytics

Your customers want access to data and analytics and Looker can power that experience, from a single chart to an entirely white-labeled version of Looker.


data modeling: fast and flexible

At the core of the Looker Data Platform is a unique data modeling layer that lets you describe and transform raw data so it can be understood and used as the reliable source of truth for your business.

Explore Immediately

Looker automatically describes your data when you first connect it to your database creating the foundation of your model in minutes.

Customize your Metrics

Your business is unique, so build customized metrics with LookML, our simple and reusable modeling language.

data modeling lookml

Adjust and Flex

Models can easily change with your business and updates automatically flow through for fast and flexible iteration and improvement.

Build with Blocks

Looker Blocks are templatized analytical design patterns built from the best practices of companies from every industry. Pick the business metrics you need and implement them in seconds.

Data Sources: Analyze Data Where It Sits

Because we operate on your data where it sits, Looker does not need to extract subsets or pre-aggregate so you can deploy and iterate quickly.

  • Live connect to any SQL data store including Hadoop
  • Don’t move your data, analyze it where it lives
  • Monitor sharing & reporting activities to keep your data secure
  • Manage performance with detailed query reporting
  • Deploy quickly in the cloud or on premise
aws database
google database
hp database
snowflake database
ibm database
windows database
oracle database
mysql database
pivotal database
teradata database
postgres database

Big Data Analytics

SQL query engines like Spark and Presto make it possible for companies to harness Hadoop’s processing power for analytics. With Looker, analysts can access all their data in Hadoop - transforming raw data into meaningful metrics.

Looker makes it easy to:

  • Leave the data where it is and scale with the cluster
  • Build a data model to describe and define your data
  • Let everyone access and explore the entire data set
cloudera imapla database apache hive spark sql presto

Learn more about Looker for Hadoop

Looker Data Apps: Expert-Built Solutions

Looker Data Apps make it easy for companies to quickly deploy expertly designed, tailored data applications specific to every part of their business.

Combine Data Apps to build a company-wide data platform that lets everyone access and explore the data that drives their business.

  • Every department: Sales, Customer Success, Customer Support, Marketing, Operations & Logistics, Product, Web and more
  • Data-driven industries: eCommerce, Digital Advertising, Media, Gaming, SaaS and more
  • Can’t find what you need? Build your own Looker Data App. Learn how.

See how companies are running their business with Data Apps

learn more

Built For Everyone

Looker is a data platform that both data analysts and business teams love and adopt. Here’s why.

Data Analysts build a reliable source of truth


Build a flexible data model for fast iteration and centralized metrics.


Expertly built metrics for fast implementation and best in class analytics.

Query Management Panel

Kill and optimize queries.


Model user information and usage across your Looker instance.

Git Integration

Collaborate, iterate and manage the data model using Git version control software.

Decision Makers explore all the data - even row level detail


Interpret data in seconds with simple, powerful visualizations.


Create and share dashboards with a link.


Export to CSV, text, JSON, Excel or Google Docs.

Scheduled Looks and Dashboards

Flexible scheduling delivers answers to your inbox.

Table Calcs

Easily run calculations on your data with Excel like functionality.

No need to write Code

Get metrics directly from the data analyst.

Drill Down

Access all your data for a 360° view of your business.

Developers extend Looker into the organization

Embedded Analytics

Easily embed charts or dashboards in any website, portal or application.

Robust API

Connect and control Looker using our API.

Ruby SDK

Bring query results and charts into your existing infrastructure.

Secure Access

Third-party authentication via LDAP, SAML, Google Apps, and multi-factor authentication.

See What’s New

With a monthly release cycle, Looker is constantly improving and adding new features to delight both data analysts and business teams.

  • The Lookerbot for Slack lets you bring data into every conversation so everyone stays on the same page

    lookerbot for slack
  • BigQuery Support: Make every petabyte in BigQuery available to your entire company

    google bigquery
  • Looker Blocks: Create the foundation of powerful analysis with analytical design patterns

    looker blocks

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