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How we experience data is not what it used to be. An effective dashboard is great, but the Looker platform can open up a world of possibilities. Get more value from your data by turning insights into powerful data-driven experiences for your users.

Modern BI & analytics

Create dynamic dashboards for more in-depth analysis. Give teams access to reliable data and support better reporting.

Integrated insights

The Looker platform works seamlessly with your existing BI set up. Unify and empower your teams to make more effective, data-informed decisions.

Data-driven workflows

Save time and money by putting your data to work on your business. Looker’s platform is agile enough to stimulate any workflow.

Custom applications

Provide a purpose-built tool that users need, while creating data-driven experiences that people love.

Modern APIs for integrated workflows

Adapt to the unique needs of your business. Streamline workflows and deliver data for any use with APIs, SDKs, rule-based proactive alerts, scheduled reporting, embedded analytics, and more.

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Build better products and monetize data

Provide customers the valuable data they need to increase revenue streams and reduce costs. Use git workflows and version history for easy collaboration at scale.

Looker for embedded analytics

True, secure governance across any data

Supply a unified and accurate view of your data to keep your teams in sync. Develop data-driven experiences using data as code with LookML—an evolved abstraction of SQL.

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Modernize your data technology stack

Centralize your data and deliver impactful insights accurately in a way that can adapt to changing demands. Enhance legacy BI systems with governed data that unifies teams.


Empower any user, department, or customer

Offer a self-serve data experience at any scale that includes row-level exploration, interactive visualizations, data cataloging, data discovery, and more.

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Peace of mind: a secure, future-proof architecture

Use multicloud hosting and an in-database architecture that complies with SOC 2 Type 2, GDPR, HIPAA, and more. Scale with enterprise-grade encryption, administration, user permissions, and content management.

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The Looker difference

Data teams

Old way
New way
Do heavyweight transformations on data to prepare it for storage in highly manicured legacy databases Store your data in a performant, less-structured database
Extract a small subset of your data, store it somewhere else, and treat it again to analyze it ("ETL") Use Looker's unique modeling layer to make data available to anyone by doing the transformation at the time of query ("ELT")
Ask questions only of extracted data, and start over for any new questions Ask any questions of any data, without having to extract subsets or start over for new questions. Access data on any device, deliver data to any workflow, or build custom data product with powerful APIs

Product builders

Old way
New way
Try building a data application, get overwhelmed by building and maintaining data pipelines and authentication from scratch Trust a technology partner like Looker with true governance, scalability, and modern APIs for data
Trust a vendor, but be disappointed by high costs and poor performance at scale Build data-powered products using modern dev workflows, APIs, and SDKs to deliver governed analytics at scale to partners, customers, or internal teams
Give up on the heavy maintenance required with a vendor and start over at Step 1 Monetize data by offering the most powerful data experiences in premium tiers

Data consumers

Old way
New way
Ask the data team a question, and be forced to wait days or weeks for an answer (data bottleneck) Ask any question of the data and get answers in seconds
Pull your own numbers, but get different answers than your colleagues (data chaos) Drill into row-level detail on your results to ask and answer the next question
Start over at Step 1 and slow everything down, or give up trusting any data Take action directly from the data with any workflow integration, from scheduling an email to filing a JIRA ticket to offering a promotion—and more

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