Looker data modeling in three steps

Step 1

Connect Looker to any database that supports SQL queries and automatically generate a basic LookML model.

Step 2

Collaborate with your team to build on your model, or deploy any one of our 100+ pre-built LookML modeling patterns (Looker Blocks) to accelerate development.

Step 3

Customize your model to reflect your company’s unique metrics and easily update and manage your reports from one place.

Data modeling that works for you

Define your company’s business logic in Looker so it can be used by the entire company. Define your data model once and reference any piece of it anywhere else to avoid writing the same SQL queries over and over again. As your business changes, updated metrics keep everyone aligned around fresh data.

A basic model, instantly

Looker intelligently scans your data and infers relationships between tables in your schema to build a basic model for you. This basic model uses the relationships already defined within your database to get you up to speed.

We’re prepared for you

Looker provides pre-built analytical templates (Looker Blocks®) to move you from data to dashboard in minutes when building on common data sources (e.g., Google Analytics or Salesforce). Browse over 100 Looker Blocks on Looker’s Block directory to help you accelerate the pace of your data modeling.

What customers are saying about modeling data with Looker

There are many reasons that we liked Looker. One was the core LookML. We could define a metric once, then give our users the freedom to create their own reports and dashboards.

Will Sprunt, Head of Business Intelligence Learn more

LookML let us model our data once, then enable business users to ask questions and get answers—without needing a data analyst.

Thoren Palacio, Head of Data & Analytics

With LookML, we’ve been able to build it once, turn it over to our business users, and never think about it again.

Learn more

LookML was a different take on getting all the data to a single source of truth—and people just took to it.

Steve Bave, General Manager and VP

We’re here to help—every step of the way

Lean on Looker’s professional services to accelerate your deployment.

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Ongoing support

Dedicated online technical assistance from Looker analysts ensures that you get help in context—when you need it.

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