LookML is the revolutionary language at the heart of Looker’s data platform. It allows data analysts to get all the knowledge about what data means out of their heads and into software. Rather than trying to replace SQL, LookML harnesses all of SQL’s power, while solving some of the toughest things about using SQL in an organization.


LookML lets you define the way tables relate to each other once. Then it uses that information to join tables as they’re needed. Any complex join logic you could specify in your database’s SQL dialect can be done in LookML. And using LookML means you can trust that your colleagues are using the right SQL. They’ll never again forget that one critical thing and mess up their queries.


LookML breaks SQL down into bite-sized chunks that are easy to examine, digest and recombine. This encourages collaboration and iteration. LookML makes it easier to understand and update snippets, eliminating the need to untangle giant SQL queries all at once.


LookML allows you to specify formatting for measures and dimensions. No more exporting data so you can format numbers as dollars, percents, or decimals. No more avoiding pivots, running totals, and complex CASE statements because they’re hard to write in SQL. LookML makes all of this easy.


LookML uses views and models to keep your business logic organized. That means you don’t end up with a folder full of disorganized SQL files. LookML is real code that’s structured and extensible.


LookML integrates seamlessly with Git via Github or your own Git server. Each data analyst gets their own branch to try out new analyses without affecting everyone else. Every change to your data model can be audited, examined and rolled back, if necessary.

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