Shopify is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that allows its customers to sell, present content and build their brands. This Block provides a real-time, interactive analytics suite for all your Shopify data.

Grow your online business by analyzing your customers’ purchasing behavior using pre-built analyses in Looker’s Block for Shopify by Stitch block. Use this Block to achieve the following:

  1. Track orders and revenue across all channels and regions

  2. Identify top-performing products and categories

  3. Profile customers who make repeat purchases

  4. Monitor the contents of abandoned carts for potential upsells

Looker’s Block for Shopify by Stitch Block helps you focus on the insights that matter and empowers you to take immediate action. Looker’s Explore functionality allows you to modify, share and create new dashboards / alerts / actions.

Watch Looker in action and start harvesting insights from your Shopify data today.