A smarter, cleaner way to gather and share insights from Search Ads 360.

Looker provides an easy to use out of the box block to give you quick and consumable access to your SA360 data, making it easy to compare performance across engines. Looker’s user friendly filters allow anyone to customize reports to revolve around the KPIs they’re driving towards. Easily understand the impact changes in optimization and bidding strategies have on campaign performance, based on the metrics that matter most to you or your client’s business. Finally, by pulling product data from SA360 into Looker, you have the ability to perform robust and detailed product analysis as well as query results and create filters with time-based data that is converted to their local time zones.

  • Quickly understand the state of your search ad campaigns across all engines with the SA360 Overview Dashboard. Slice metrics like cost per acquisition and click through rate by variables like engine, advertiser, campaign and keyword.
  • Go deep on the details of any campaign from the Campaign Performance Dashboard. Understand the trends over time for an individual campaign’s performance based on the metrics that matter to you across all engines driving the campaign.
  • Understand the performance of individual keywords with the Keyword Performance Dashboard. Analyze your profitability overtime to optimize your spend strategy and increase revenue. With the ability to compare keyword performance between two periods of your choosing, you can determine how modifications in strategy have impacted keyword performance pre- and post-change. Whether you care about clicks, conversions, CPA or ROAS, Looker provides the ability to easily toggle between metrics so that you can analyze keyword performance curated around what matters most to your business.
  • Compare Product performance with the Product Analytics Dashboard. Quickly understand which products are your highest earners to optimize your spend and increase ROI. Furthermore, understand how individual or groups of products are performing across a variety of KPIs; from clicks to click through rate, conversions to cost per acquisition.

Looker customers can install the Block from the Looker Marketplace.

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