Database performance is key to getting the best experience out of Looker and any other analysis tool. With this Block in hand, users should have all the tools they need to fine tune their Redshift clusters.

Working with the experts at AWS, we augmented our existing Redshift Administration Block to include performance optimization views, explores and dashboards. We’ve also included a guide to help users identify and diagnose performance issues, as well as suggested actions to take based on those issues. We include several pieces of analysis:

  • Performance Overview Dashboard - offers users an aggregate view of performance across all clusters, tasks, and users
  • Query Inspector Dashboard - provides comprehensive information about a specific query, enabling users to understand the factors contributing to performance (e.g. bytes scanned, seconds to run, distribution, bytes broadcasted, etc.)

Based on the information provided by the query inspector, users should take corrective action to improve query performance. In this Block, we have a matrixed guide offering remedial actions for poorly performing queries.