Manage the quality of your support or service team from one tool. MaestroQA seamlessly integrates data between your helpdesk, chat provider, and call center to make an easy-to-use grading experience.

This Block lets you easily bring all of your data from your quality assurance programs into Looker so you have visibility onto trends and the ability to dive deeper into the metrics you care about. The Block also makes it easy to connect to your helpdesk data or any internal metrics so you can analyze the data that is most important to your business. Visit for more info.

This Block tracks individual, group, and team quality scores and lets you compare them to other business metrics. The types of analysis that come with this Block include the ability to:

  • Find trends in quality that you can proactively address before they cause problems
  • Connect quality scores to your helpdesk data to understand relationships between metrics such as how response-time and quality are related
  • Identify top performers and agents or groups who need additional guidance
  • Identify scorecards, sections, or questions where your team's performance is lowest so you can improve your training
  • Compare your ticket data to the quality of response; this allows you to analyze the correlations between which tags or ticket-types your team is struggling or excelling with