The Paid Media Dashboard provides holistic insights into campaign performance across all of your digital marketing platforms, blending data across sources to analyze KPIs like spend, impressions, clicks and conversions.

Bring together data from all of your online advertising platforms - Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, etc. - for a holistic view of campaign performance. Powered by Alight Analytics’ marketing intelligence platform ChannelMix, the Paid Media dashboard normalizes KPIs across sources so you can compare performance and optimize future ad spend. Just connect your sources via ChannelMix’s native API integrations, and your data will be prepared for analysis in your Looker dashboard - no coding, SQL or API maintenance required.

With this dashboard, you’ll be able to report on:

  • Total Ad Spend - Spend data is aggregated across sources and filterable by date, channel, campaign and source.
  • Total Impressions & Clicks - Impression and click data is normalized for all your media campaigns so you can look at the total impact of marketing spend or drill down by channel, campaign and source.
  • KPI Trends - See how performance KPIs such as click rates, cost per click, conversion rates and cost per conversion are trending over time in the aggregate or by source.