Tenjin’s Looker Block empowers app marketers to run smarter, more effective install campaigns. The Tenjin Block provides insight into the entire lifecycle of each and every install, starting with the source of the install and continuing on to the user’s in-app behaviors so that it can track their full lifetime value -- including both in-app purchase (IAP) revenue and advertising-based revenue. That way, developers can attribute the revenue generated by each user back to the source of their install in order to track the ROI for each campaign.

App marketers can use the Tenjin Block to:

  • Attribute in-app advertising and IAP revenue to the ad source that the user came from
  • Analyze app install advertising campaign performance by dimensions such as ad network, country, platform, date, budget and more
  • Get app user-level data on lifetime value, IAP revenue, ad-based revenue, return on ad spend, and more
  • Analyze daily behaviors of app users according to any number of customizable in-app events
  • Compare cohorts of app users to see how changes affect retention and engagement performance
  • And more!