Fivetran’s JIRA Block makes it easy for Product Teams, Engineers, Scrum Masters, and others to conduct analysis on their project data. The Block comes pre-built with content focused on the Agile methodology, with many standard reports (such as a Burndown report), as well as free-form data exploration capabilities.

Looker’s JIRA block is designed to work with the Fivetran JIRA schema. Fivetran has abstracted away many of the complexities of the Jira data model to make it easier for reporting purposes. Because the Jira schema is very customizable and is different for every implementation, rather than attempting to replicate the exact structure of the JIRA schema, Fivetran stores the data in more compact format, with Issues as the central focus. Because of this framework, we’re able to pre-load the Block with many key dashboards and reports, including:

  • Issue Detail Dashboard - get comprehensive information around an issue, including the current status and entire history of changes and updates

  • Sprint Burndown Report - identify the amount of work remaining, for a given project and/or time period against, with the current resources allocation

  • Cumulative Flow Report - evaluate your progress over time versus your goals

  • Work Delivered Report - understand how much work is being delivered on a cumulative basis and per-spring basis in one central view