Intercom is like having a multi-tool that enhances its customer success efforts. This Block, based on the Intercom data schema produced by Blendo, will give your insights on your conversations with your customers, their distribution among admins and the waiting time.

With Blendo’s Intercom Block you can gain insight into metrics that matter in order to better communicate with your customers.

This block is intended to help you quickly work with your data from Intercom on Blendo. With the preassembled dashboards you can effectively:

  • Monitor conversation distribution among Intercom Admins or Teams. Spot an admin’s outstanding performance or teams that have more work than they can handle, and their bottlenecks.
  • Track conversations by geography, monitor the number of conversations created or closed.
  • Enable support teams to understand conversation volume and optimize the allocation of resources.
  • Identify the performance of your customer success team by comparing response or resolution times and customers’ wait time.