This Block provides a comprehensive overview of all cost and performance data for one or multiple BQ projects, enabling users to effectively monitor BigQuery usage down to a per user level. It can be used to set up alerts to long running or high cost queries.

Datatonic provides expert consulting services to help companies properly architect their data stacks to leverage their investment in the cloud. Their Google BigQuery Performance Block gives users an in-depth view into their BQ usage and the associated costs. The default dashboard includes analysis around the essential components of cost and performance, such as:

  • Queries issued and gigabytes scanned in a selected timeframe
  • Average query time across projects and users
  • Number of failed or successful queries
  • Costs associated with each user and query
  • Query inspector to dissect the mechanics and cost behind the most troublesome of expensive queries

This Block offers a great starting point to get a thorough understanding of your BQ usage. For those looking for subject matter expertise around GCP usage and tuning in general, we recommend you reach out to the folks at Datatonic, who are happy to help with guidance and services. You can reach out directly, or through your Looker analyst.