Facebook Ads allow users to direct targeted advertising towards different demographics and customer groups across Facebook’s billions of users. This Block will help you establish the foundations of your analysis, which you can then augment with additional objects based on your customized schema.

Evaluate campaign performance by age, gender, placement, and device. This block includes three dashboards which provide granular analysis on ad performance metrics. Each dashboard and insights they uncover are described below.

Overview dashboard

  • See high-level metrics on marketing performance
  • Evaluate individual ad performance at a granular level
  • Monitor ad spend, clicks, and impressions over time to understand how your ad effectiveness has fluctuated
  • Understand the geographic popularity of campaigns

Placement and device insights dashboard

  • Evaluate cost-per-click, click-through-rate, and frequency by device
  • Compare the cost per action to the number of actions generated for placement-device pairings
  • Compare reach and click performance for placement and device combinations

Age and gender insights dashboard

  • Evaluate your reach, clicks, impressions, and spend by age group
  • Filter metrics down by gender