Track your data from any tool, with a single code. Segment seamlessly integrates data to the appropriate app - from analytics tools, email schedulers, customer success tools, and more. Use this Block to establish the foundations of your analysis, then augment with additional objects, based on your customized schema. Looker is an Integration Partner for Segment, so connecting your database is easy. Also, check out the Segment Partner site for other features, including Segment Warehouses, where data can be piped into a Redshift or Postgres db.

This Block tracks individual user event streams and compare cross-platform analytics. A sampling of the many types of analysis that come with this Block include:

  • Tie users across platforms to track individual or aggregate user event flows
  • Sessionize individual user event flows to understand friction points in the consumer experience
  • Compare cross-platform marketing campaigns to understand what is driving users to your webpage / product
  • Optimize marketing and SEO with referral attribution
  • Monitor business with a dashboard of critical metrics such as visit duration, high-traffic content, DAU, or MAU
  • Customize event funnels to understand conversions along each point of your user's event flow
  • This Block comes pre-loaded with additional Analytic Blocks such as Sessionization
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