is a digital media analytics solution. Their product, the Raw Data Pipeline, collects, enhances and streams real-time user and content data to your warehouse (Redshift or BigQuery). This Block will help you establish the foundations of your analysis, which you can then augment with additional objects based on your customized schema.

In the world of digital media and publishing, data can be effectively utilized at any step in the production and deployment of content. Content producers can use data on previous stories, posts or articles to help identify topics your audience responded well to before. Data teams can understand how decisions about layout, platform, and content type influence the performance and reach of content. All this information can then be used to optimize performance and fuel future content strategy. A sampling of the many types of analysis that come with this Block includes:

  • Visitor segmentation by OS, Geography, Device Type, and Media Content
  • Referrer analysis, to determine where visitors are coming from
  • Time Series Analysis, including Daily Active Users and Daily Pageviews
  • Article level metrics such as average engaged time, referrer breakdown, and daily visitors
  • Visitor Cohort Analysis such as Metrics by first visit, total engagement time, lifetime visits