Doubleclick makes it simple for publishers to manage all direct and programmatic ad sales across the web. Use Doubleclick’s mobile, native, and video ads, along with its’ premier access to a range of leading advertisers, to get the most value from your inventory.

Give users the ability to easily run any report that can be found in Doubleclick’s native reporting platform, and analyze your full DFP data set, all within Looker’s snappy, intuitive interface. Open up data exploration to all users, and easily perform complex analysis such as dynamic cohorting and period-over-period snapshotting. Use this Block to understand how to maximize the value of each impression across all outlets, screens, and audiences. A sampling of analysis includes:

  • Publisher Overview - provides comprehensive analysis of ad performance across all platforms and publishers over time, all within a single view
  • Audience Management - offers dynamic audience segmenting and cohorting across all user traits to help identify trends across ad types and audiences
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