Heap automatically captures every user behavior across websites and applications - clicks, taps, gestures, form submissions, page views, field changes etc. - and allows you to enrich your data with custom APIs and 3rd-party integrations (e.g. Shopify, Salesforce). This block will help teams jumpstart their Digital Marketing Analytics reporting by leveraging pre-built views, reports, and dashboards on top of Heap data in your warehouse.

Once Heap Connect is enabled, data will begin syncing on set intervals to the warehouse of your choice. Heap supports Snowflake, Redshift, and BigQuery as well as S3. The Digital Marketing Analytics block provides the backbone for commonly sought after marketing metrics when analyzing web or mobile activity as well as provides the ability to modify the LookML to tailor the reports for your specific use cases.

You can explore and dive into metrics like:

  • Top referral sources
  • Marketing channel performance through UTM parameters
  • Demographics (location, device type etc.) of sessions
  • Onsite conversion funnels