Funnel is a marketing data collection and reporting software that automatically collects data from all of your marketing platforms. This Block makes it easier for businesses to combine all their marketing and advertising sources in a single view to obtain the complete overview of their marketing efforts.

This Block analyzes data from Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Adroll, and more. Funnel’s flexible data structure allows you to mix and match as many marketing sources as you need in one central location. Use this Block to accomplish the following:

  • Complete overview: Obtain a complete overview of all your marketing and advertising efforts in one dashboard. Funnel allows you to feed data from all advertising and marketing platforms into Looker.

  • Forecasting: See how your are tracking against your monthly sales or marketing budget

  • Ad platform comparison: Easily see and compare how your advertising platforms are performing against one another.

  • Campaign lookup: drill-down to analyze your ad performance at campaign level

  • Date comparison: Compare performance from a selected date range to the previous period

  • Compare traffic types: Cross compare different traffic types like Paid vs Organic

  • Custom metrics: Create and display calculated metrics like ROI/ROAS by having ad platform data combined with your conversion data from tracking platforms such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics

Prior to using this Block, all you need to do is connect your marketing and advertising sources to Funnel. Get started by booking a demo at or reach out to your Looker representative.

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