Data stacks in most companies are complex, with many separate products. Such infrastructure is difficult to manage and monitor for cost and user behaviors.

Keboola Connection provides telemetry data feed to its customers, which offers administrators detailed view into user activity, resources consumption and overall usage and adoption. This data could be also used to identify improper behaviour, or analyze processes with errors allowing to quickly focus on and remove bottlenecks. Use this block to:

  • Analyze components and processes for resources usage and its optimization
  • Understand users’ activities
  • Get aggregated view of activities across the whole account organization
  • Set up alerts in case of usage overages or suspicious behavior

The “Essentials” series of blocks by Keboola offers the ability to jumpstart your analytics by simultaneous deployment of Keboola Scaffolds and Looker Blocks. With all Keboola Blocks and projects, you can easily customize the data model and transformations in Keboola Connection to better fit your needs. Speed and simplicity without compromise!

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Looker customers can install the Block from the Looker Marketplace.

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