KARTE is a one-stop service that provides a holistic view of a company's web / native app visitor behavioral data at a per-person level, allowing organizations to communicate with each and every one of their online customers.

This Block combines KARTE's robust customer behavioral data with Looker's powerful data exploration capabilities to help users understand their customer behavior patterns with out-of-the-box dashboards and reports featuring the most common page view funnel, visitor and session trends, most popular devices used on your site, your Net Promoter Score, and more.

Users can also augment the turnkey LookML model by leveraging KARTE Datahub's flexible data transformation functionality to develop their own analyses.

Use this Block to understand:

  • Sessions and Visitors - understand your users through a comprehensive coverage of key behavioral trends; drill into any result to gain actionable insights at the user-level
  • Engagement and Bounces - identify pages, devices, and time of day driving customers off your website to keep customers engaged
  • Funnels - explore the most common customer journey flows, popular pages, and drop-off points to drive customers to your top content
  • Net Promoter Score - identify trends in your NPS to engage better with customers and improve their customer experience