Gain critical business insights concerning your users’ interactions with your websites and applications using RudderStack to load user-generated event data into data warehouses like Snowflake, Google BigQuery and Amazon Redshift. The RudderStack Block for Looker to generate informative dashboards and visualizations capturing common KPIs for product event data.

RudderStack captures the behavior of your customers through all their touch points across applications and websites and stores these events in your data warehouse. This block uses that data to allow you to understand how customers interact with your website and your product in real time. Using Looker together with RudderStack, funnels, customer journeys, segments and cohorts can easily be created and visualized. Key metrics in the block include:

  • Unique Users
  • Daily/Monthly Average Users, and Average Events Per User.
  • Key Referrers and Specific UTMs metrics
  • A drilled-down view of the customer providing granular insights into a customer’s activities within the website or application.