The Cloud Cost Management Solution provides necessary reporting and clear insights into cloud expenditures that serves as the foundation for more advanced automation, and built-in actionability for monitoring and optimizing cloud spend. Optimize cloud spend with anomaly detection and threshold-based alerting and customize the solution for monitoring business billing activity nuances and the need for department-specific chargebacks.

With the Looker Cloud Cost Management Block, you can analyze how different teams at your organization are spending across projects, teams and resources to understand where, when and why teams are spending budget to optimize cloud spend. See where credits and promotional discounts are being applied and analyze recommendations for cutting costs.

  • Consolidated reporting view of cloud spend across AWS, Azure & GCP
    • Understand your cloud spend without data movement
  • Centralized data storage and harmonization of billing data
    • Plus mapping of services, resources & similar SKUs across clouds.
  • Forecasted spend and actions to trigger decision making
    • Plus mapping of tags/labels & cost centers across clouds.

Installation guide

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