From Google Analytics to Marketo to Salesforce, modern marketing organizations utilize multiple tools to execute and track campaigns. With so many different data sources, it can be difficult to get a holistic view of marketing’s influence on opportunity conversion and revenue generation.

Built by industry experts on a solid foundation of years of experience in Marketing and Sales analytics across many industries, Datasticians’ Campaign to Cash Looker Block is built to address common problems in Marketing Analytics, such as contribution to revenue, leads to pipeline to revenue, campaign performance to target, etc.. Since it’s operating on the Looker platform, with all business logic residing in a centralized modeling layer, there’s never a need for manual reconciliation, and all analytics are surfaced in real-time.

The Block for Campaign to Cash Analytics works with data from Marketing systems (Eloqua, Marketo), Sales data (Salesforce), ERP (Oracle/NetSuite) and Website/Social Marketing systems, and ties them together into a single central warehouse (Redshift, Snowflake, RDBMS, Google BigQuery, etc.) to allow users to gain insight from a blended data spectrum.

Dashboards include but are not limited to:

  • Campaign ROI
  • Campaign/Offering Conversion
  • Trend Analysis
  • Ability to drill to details from key metrics

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