Empower your users with the predictive power of BigQuery Machine Learning (BQML). The unique combination of Looker + BQML democratizes the use of machine learning by providing data analysts and business users alike the ability to build and run models using existing business intelligence tools and spreadsheets. This enables business decision making through predictive analytics across the organization.

This example use-case on Google Analytics data allows us to understand, using binary regression, the specific users that will convert when visiting our website. We can then target those converting users with directed suggestions, or push non-converting users to make a transaction with discount codes.

Other sample applications include:

  • Predicting user churn based on product and feature usage
  • Analyzing web traffic and threat detection
  • Making targeted product recommendations
  • Providing anticipatory support services for high-need customers
  • Predicting traffic patterns for delivery services

This represents just a small sample of powerful use-cases. We encourage you to check out Google’s documentation for additional examples.