The AWS Cost and Usage Report tracks your AWS usage and provides estimated charges associated with your AWS account. The report contains line items for each unique combination of AWS product, usage type, and operation that your AWS account uses. Customize the AWS Cost and Usage report to aggregate the information by the hour or by the day.

The Looker Block for AWS Cost and Usage Reports provides a plethora of comprehensive information around usage of AWS services and the associated costs. Whether you need the report segmented by product type, user identity, or region, this report can be cut-and-sliced any number of ways to properly allocate costs for any of your business needs. You can then drill into any specific line item to see even more detail, such as the selected operating system, tenancy, purchase option (on-demand, spot, or reserved), etc.

This Block focuses on the three most common levers of cost-savings, including:

  • Increasing reserved instance coverage and utilization
  • Decreasing data transfer costs
  • Allocating costs over custom variables

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