This Use Case pulls up and displays the associated SQL Statement associated with any query built from an embedded Explore Iframe. For every Query a subsequent API call can be made to to return metadata about the query including the SQL statement associated with the Query. To take advantage of this Block, an embedded explore page is required. Check out our API and Embedding docs (link at bottom of page) for more information on how to create an embedded Explore page.

Sample Adaptations of this Block:
  • Get any metadata about a Query (any information you can grab from a Query Slug is now possible via this)
  • Understand which visualizations, data tables, or specific fields are most utilized by internal and/or external users and optimize reporting accordingly
  • Quickly and accurately refine any external, monetized data services to increase consumer usage, engagement, and retention
  • Identify those tables and fields that are queried most frequently, and adjust database indexes, schemas, or other configurations to optimize for performance